SattCon 05 Slimline

SattCon 05 Slimline is a family of compact programmable controllers for small to medium-size applications.
A modular configuration, offering four different processor boards with four I/O units, means that each system can be
tailored to meet your exact requirements.
In addition to the systems described in this data sheet, there are versions of SattCon 05 Slimline with built-in operator interface (SattCon OP45/SattCon OP45SB), and units which can execute a BASIC program as well as carrying out control (SattCon 05-65/ SattCon OP65).

Details of these products are presented in separate data sheets.
Systems in the SattCon 05 Slimline family are self-contained and handle both analogue and digital control, making them suitable for process and machine control applications. In addition to their use as stand-alone controllers, SattCon 05 Slimline systems have built-in facilities for network communication. The compact design allows the most cost effective use of panel space.
The SattCon 05 Slimline family includes I/O units for system expansion (SD32D, SDA, SD24D, SD24RS and SACV) and other accessories: a backup unit (SBUP05), a battery-backed realtime clock (BRT15), digital and analogue input simulators (PTC05 and ATC05), pulse encoder interface (IP05), as well as the DOX 10 and DOX5 software packages. In addition, all original SattCon 05 expansion units may be used with SattCon 05 Slimline.