Sattcon OP45/65

SattCon OP45 is a unique combination
of control system and operator interface
housed in a single unit. Powerful digital
and analogue control functions make it
suitable for a wide range of machine and
process control applications.
Input/Output signals are connected
using expansion units from the
SattCon 05 family. Both the original 05
series and the newer Slimline units are
compatible with SattCon OP45.

SattCon OP45 can also be used solely
as an operator interface, communicating
with a control system via COMLI.
SattCon OP45SB has an integral
SattBus interface instead of COMLI.

Product name Order code
SattCon OP45
SattCon OP45/DX232
SattCon OP45/DX485G
SattCon OP45SB
SattCon OP45SB/DX232
SattCon OP45SB/DX485G